Baja Cat​

-baja cat private charter are ALL-INCLUSIVE, meaning everything is provided for exploring such as:

The crew are top-notch, experienced, educated, and professional.

charter Overview

The inside Sea of Cortez is one of the most biologically diverse marine environments on the planet. It also boasts remote islands, coves, bays, and deserted beaches, in great numbers and magnificent variety. Take a moment and visualize your own tropical paradise: Turquoise clear water, white sand beaches, schools of multi-colored tropical fish. Now, see yourself on board Baja Cat, the PREMIER charter sailing catamaran in the entire area. Lie back on comfortable cushions, and feel the fresh breeze. Enjoy the comfort and relaxation as you’re served cold drinks or cocktails and cruise the calm waters of the World’s Aquarium. Don’t be surprised if a pod of dolphins tag along, or large Mobius rays flap out of the water and try to fly. There are nine variety of whales here, and twenty-one species of dolphin. There are turtles about, and a myriad of sea life. This is it. This is the place.
Today you’ll be snorkeling with sea lions and tropical fish, or experience the elusive and rare whale shark, the largest fish in the world. During whale shark season, on a full-day charter, you can do both. (October through April) It’s up to you. You decide what you want to do. We will make it happen. In other words, YOU DECIDE. WE PROVIDE.

Later in the day, you may be exploring a deserted beach, or snorkeling along a coral reef to watch the thousands of colorful fish darting here and there. Or, perhaps you’d rather just lie out on a deserted beach without another soul in sight. There are lots of options, and you’ll have time to try them. Some prefer to take a paddleboard or a two-person kayak, and move in close to mangrove swamps and stare down into the water so crystal clear it hardly seems real. This is an amazing place. There are colorful fish, sea mammals, and beautiful aquatic birds everywhere. These are the places we take our guests. 

 Top quality food is prepared on board and available throughout the charter period, right along with an open bar and a variety of soft drinks, snacks, and beer. A marine biologist serves as hostess and snorkel assistant. Private bathrooms, with fresh water showers, along with laundered towels soaps and shampoos are also on hand. An additional dive boat is always in attendance to get you up close and personal with sea life, or into that special cove you want to explore. This is what we do. Take you to the place where tropical dreams come true. Where you too can say: It was the experience of a lifetime.